Asian Human Rights Defender (Vol. 6 No. 2, December 2010)
29 March 2011 7:46 am













Building Democracies



Business and Human Rights

    • Human Rights and Environmental Violations

    • of the POSCO Project in Orissa, India

    • The Role of NHRIs in Business and Human Rights: the Case of NHRCK

    • Kuala Lumpur Guidelines for a Human Rights Approach to Economic Policy in Agriculture


    • Advancing Democratic Governance  in Asia: Challenges and Way Forward

    • Despite Election, Burma’s Sham Constitution Guarantees Military Control

    • Taiwan: Violence Overshadows Big Change in Local Governance

    • Ultra-Nationalism in Mongolia and the LGBT Community

    • Democratization and the Role of HRDs in Korea

    • Freedom of Expression in East Asia:On-line Censorship Rising

Country Focus

    • Sri Lanka: Victims wait for Justice

    • Pakistan: Disaster Highlights Discrimination of Religious Minorities

Human Rights Defenders

    • Gendered Challenges in Defending Human Rights

    • Irom Sharmila’s Hunger Strike to Repeal the AFSPA

UN Human Rights Council Review 2011

    • Tailoring the Human Rights Council’s Response to Situations of Violations of Human Rights

    • Survey on the UN HRC: Views from the Ground

    • 7 Issues to Strengthen the Universal Periodic Review



    • On the Rules of Procedure, ASEAN Declaration of Human Rights and the Work Plan of AICHR

    • 8 Points for the APF


    • Improved Socio-economic Conditions Promote Respect for Cultural Rights  

  • Recognizing the Role of Defenders in Strengthening and Building a Democracy

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