From Our Member Odhikar, Bangladesh – Annual Human Rights Report 2016
11 January 2017 5:02 pm


has been diligently working to protect and promote the civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights of the people since its inception in 1994. Odhikar consistently monitors the human rights situation of Bangladesh and releases a status report every month, based on Odhikar’s own fact finding, information collection and reports sent by associated local human rights defenders across the country and information and statistics published in different mass media. The annual report of 2016 is the outcome of a compilation and analysis of the monthly human rights situation monitoring reports published every month in 2016.

Odhikar, being an organisation of human rights defenders in Bangladesh, has always been consistent in creating mass awareness of human rights by several means, including reporting violations perpetrated by the State and advocacy and campaign to ensure internationally recognised civil and political rights of citizens. We unconditionally stand by the victims of oppression and maintain no prejudice with regard to their political leanings or ideological orientation. Odhikar firmly believes that all victims of human rights violations are in dire need of protection and deserve justice.

Odhikar is facing severe repression and harassment by the government since 2013. The Organisation has released this annual human rights report of 2016, despite the persecution and continuous harassment and threats to its existence. Odhikar is deeply grateful to all the human rights defenders and partners at home and abroad who are supporting us to continue our work and show their solidarity with Odhikar, which strengthens our mission in difficult times.

(excerpt from the foreword of Odhikar’s Annual Report)

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