ANNI Mission to Evaluate the Process of Establishing a National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) in Taiwan
6 July 2017 5:48 pm

A task force will assess the on-going process of establishing a National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) in Taipei, Taiwan from 24-28 July 2017. Under the auspices of the Asian NGOs Network on National Human Rights Institutions (ANNI), FORUM-ASIA and the Asia Pacific Forum of NHRIs (APF), the task force, led by Rosslyn Noonan, will contribute to evaluate key stakeholders’ perceptions on the desirability and feasibility of the set up of the NHRI.

The task force has been invited to Taiwan by Covenants Watch (CW), a FORUM-ASIA member organisation. CW, together with  the Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR), a FORUM-ASIA and ANNI member organisation, have been advocating for years for the establishment of a NHRI in the country.