From our Member, Law and Society Trust, Sri Lanka – New Paper on Prosecuting War-Related Rape and Sexual Violence Against Women in Sri Lanka
7 August 2017 12:04 pm

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FORUM-ASIA member Law & Society Trust published a new paper: Prosecuting War-Related Rape and Sexual Violence Against Women in Sri Lanka.

The paper draws on feminist perspectives of these questions and contestations to highlight some of the challenges for feminist activism in relation to prosecuting such crimes against women through a judicial mechanism in Sri Lanka. It considers how rape and sexual have been constructed in and by international criminal tribunals and the International Criminal Court and highlights the possibilities, challenges and limitations thereof. In doing so,
the paper is exercised by the idea of furthering feminist political projects through such processes and mechanisms. The paper draws out lessons for feminist advocacy in Sri Lanka in relation to the construction of rape and sexual violence in the context of a prosecutorial and judicial mechanism as well as the modalities of victim participation. It
also underlines the importance of looking beyond perpetrator and state-centric judicial mechanisms and discusses one such initiative from the former Yugoslavia as an example offering some key insights in this regard.
For the PDF version of this paper click here