ANNI Members Update, Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR)- Taiwan
6 August 2018 5:21 pm

Taiwanese Organisations to Condemn Terrorist Listing of Philippine Human Rights Defenders

Written by Taiwan Committee for Philippine Concerns (TCPC), edited by TAHR and FORUM-ASIA

Twenty Taiwanese organisations jointly condemn the terrorist listing of Philippino human rights defenders by the Duterte administration in front of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) inTaipei at 10 am on 3 April.

Several representatives from the twenty organisations spoke at the protest, including: Deputy Secretary General Yi-Hsiang Shih of Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR); Chairperson Gilda Banugan of Migrante International-Taiwan Chapter; Professor Hsiao-Chuan Hsia representing Taiwan Committee for Philippine Concerns (TCPC); TransAsia Sisters Association of Taiwan (TASAT); Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies of Shih Hsin University; Director Sakinu of the Hunters’ School; Chairman Mei-Wen Luo of Labor Party; Executive Secretary Jen-Yi Kao of Taiwan Alliance of Anti-Forced Eviction; and Director Lennon Ying-Dah Wong from the Service Center and Shelter for Migrant Workers of the Serve the People Association (SPA).

All speakers shared their experiences working with the Filipino organisations and individuals on the terrorist list. They all testified that the organisations and individuals on the terrorist list are genuine human rights defenders who have committed their lives for the welfare and rights of the marginalised people in the Philippines. These genuine human rights defenders are not only concerned with issues of the Filipino people but also reach out to organisations in other countries, including Taiwan, to mobilise supporters and advocate.  More importantly, these human rights defenders strive to bring issues of the marginalised people all over the world, including the indigenous peoples, women, workers and displaced people, to the international platforms such as  UN, and advocate for their rights and welfare.

Asthe Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines (CHRP) also faced many threats from the Duterte Governmemt, especially the budget cut and abolishment of CHRP, Yi-Hsiang Shih of TAHR mentioned the ANNI ACTION POINTS 2018, especially the point number 15(a) on providing solidarity support in respond to reprisal and intimidation against CHRP, and severely condemned Duterte who is totally against all the international human rights standards and his decision of dropping the Philippines from the International Criminal Court.

The Taiwanese organisations presented a statement appealing to the Duterte Government to: revoke the 600-persons terrorist list made by the Department of Justice;  repeal the Philippine Human Security Act; to halt the Government’s anti-insurgency campaign called Oplan Kapayapaan;  dissolve the Inter-Agency Committee on Legal Action (IACLA);  resume the peace talk with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines to stop the civil war and give peace to the people and observe the obligations and commitments of the ‘Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law’ (CARHRIHL); and  adhere to and attach importance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which the Philippine Government has signed and ratified;  stop the ‘war on drugs’ that already killed thousands of civilians; stop the air bombing in the name of martial law that destroyed so many lives and houses of the civilians in the Philippines; and cooperate with the International Criminal Court and let the latter to conduct full investigation on whether President Duterte committed the crime against humanity.

At the end of the protes , one representative from MECO came down the building and received the statement. However, this representative did not make any response to the appeal of the Taiwanese organisations.  The protestors declared that they would continue to monitor and protest until the terrorist list of human rights defenders in the Philippines is revoked. The protest ended with loud chanting of ‘Long live, international solidarity’; ‘Activism is not terrorism’; ‘Stop the killing in the Philippines’ and ‘Peace talk ituloy!’

This protest was co-organised by Taiwan Committee for Philippine Concerns (TCPC) and Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR). It was supported by eighteen other organisations from various sectors, including: human rights; migrants and immigrants; indigenous peoples; environment; and gender equality advocates They were: Serve the People Association (SPA); TransAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan (TASAT); Indigenous Youth Front; Migrante International-Taiwan Chapter; National Home-Based Workers’ Union; Association for Taiwan Indigenous Peoples’ Policy (ATIPP);  Taiwan International Workers Association (TIWA);  Assignment Theater; Yilan County Kanke Indigenous Sustainable Development Association (YIKIDA); Taiwan Forever Association; Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty (TAEDP); Covenants Watch; Taiwan Gender Queer Rights Advocacy Alliance; Environmental Jurists Association (EJA); Taiwan Alliance of Anti-Forced Eviction; Labor Party; Labor Rights Association (LRA); New School for Democracy;  and Hunter School.

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