Rights to #DignifiedMenstruation
4 August 2020 2:34 pm

Three years ago on 9 August 2017, Nepal outlawed ‘chhaupadi’, a harmful traditional practice that forces women and girls into exile during menstruation.

However, myths and taboos continue to prevail in Nepal as well as many Asian countries, shrouding menstruation in a veil of shame and silence.

In the lead up to the anniversary of the enactment of the law, FORUM-ASIA is proud to launch #DignifiedMenstruation Campaign.

The week-long campaign champions menstrual rights as human rights, and will premier a Story of Change video featuring Nepal as a case study demonstrating the strides civil society across Asia has made towards dignified menstruation.

The Story of Change video is a collaboration between FORUM-ASIA and its members Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC) and Human Rights Alliance in Nepal to demonstrate the struggle of women and girls toward dignified menstruation.

Menstruation is intrinsically related to human dignity – when people are able to access safe and effective means of managing their menstrual hygiene, they are able to manage their menstruation with dignity.

Dignified menstruation is an enabling factor towards achieving gender equality, access to education and political participation.

How you can take a stand

You are invited to be a part of the initiative! Everyday of the week, FORUM-ASIA will share infographics on menstrual rights on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Sunday, 9 August, FORUM-ASIA will premier the Story of Change video on Nepal, featuring civil society’s endeavour towards dignified menstruation.

Be a part of the campaign by sharing your own story of change, the infographics, and tag #DegnifiedMenstruation during 3-9 August 2020!