Asian Human Rights Defender (Vol. 1 No. 1, 4th Quarter 2005)
1 December 2005 12:00 am

{mosimage} (UN Reform + Nepal)

List of Articles

UN Reform

  • An Asian Perspective on UN Reform
  • Challenging the terms of engagement
  • Human Rights Special Procedures at crossroads


  • Institutional collapse
  • Worsening Trends
  • Political and media websites blocked
  • 200 days of Royal takeover
  • Protesters bring Nepal crisis to the UN doorstep

Country Currents

  • UN Security Council urged to take action
  • Singapore: Testing the limits
  • Aceh: Closer than ever to peace?
  • Forum-Asian in Aceh
  • Remembering Arif Rusli

 Programme Highlights

  • ASEAN: Will it ever be the right time?
  • Treaty Body research highlights
  • Ideas for engaging the ASEAN
  • Mixed reception at the APF meeting
  • Regional Hesitation on pursuing human rights
  • Democracy in Asia: progress and setbacks
  • Expanding debt cancellation to nations in need
  • Training and empowering Asian human rights defenders
  • Defenders training in Nepal and Taiwan
  • Research on domestic human rights protections mechanisms expanded

News Briefs

  • UN Sub-commission studies Dalit rights
  • India representative: Dalits not discriminated againsr
  • Victim, witness protection in South Asia
  • State accountability for violence against women
  • Lectures at the Secretariat
  • FA welcomes FK participants
  • Secretariat updates













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