Asian Human Rights Defender (Vol. 2 No. 1, 1st Quarter 2006)
1 March 2006 12:00 am

{mosimage} Democracy in Danger

List of Articles

Democracy in Danger

  • NEPAL: People’s battle for democracy intensifies
  • Forum-Asia’s Nepal Campaign
  • Twelve-point  Understanding  between  Seven  Political Parties and CPN-M
  • PHILIPPINES:  Crackdown  continues  despite  lifting of State of Emergency
  • Killings target the Left
  • CAMBODIA: Has Hun Sen’s government changed?
  • DeveLopment  Aid  and  Human  Rights  in Cambodia: Some Recommendations
    THAILAND: Future of democracy uncertain
    Bangladesh:  Impunity  gives rise to militancy
  • Pakistan: Ongoing massacre in Balochistan

UN Human Rights bodies in Transition
The  funeral  of  the  Commission  on  Human  Rights: NGOs and the voice of victims missing
The New Human Rights Council: Proposed steps ahead for Asian human rights advocates
Asian  governments  remember  the  Commision  differently

The  new  Human  Rights Council: A critical backgrounder

Program Highlights

  • Carrying the torch for Nepal in WSF Karachi
  • Regional solidarity platform for advocacy created
  • Taking  forward  the  campaign  on  Women  Human Rights Defenders
  • Human Rights Defenders Programme
  • Democracy and the Rule of Law Programme
  • Aceh Programme
  • Information  and  Communications  Programme—
  • Right to Development Programme
  • ESC Rights and Development Programme
  • Peace and Human Security Programme
  • Regional Advocacy Programme


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