Asian Human Rights Defender (Vol. 2 No. 2, 2nd Quarter 2006)
15 June 2006 3:17 am

{mosimage} Peace or Justice: Must We Make a Choice?

List of Articles

Human Rights in Peace Processes

  • NEPAL’s next challenge: sustaining peace and democracy
  • ‘We must emphasize practice of human rights’
  • SRI LANKA slides towards war
  • ACEH, INDONESIA:  The conundrum of the new law
  • Seeking the truth in Aceh
  • TIMOR LESTE: Crisis resurfaces bitter memories
  • Bangladesh:  Border killings victimise mostly innocent villagers
  • South Korea: Farmers fight US army base expansion

The New Human Rights Council

  • A modest first session
  • Raising the voices of victims
  • Singing the same old tunes
  • Council must reduce protection gap
  • ‘People in Asia yearn for justice and dignity’
  • Challenges and opportunities for NGOs

Human Rights Defenders Forum -South Asia

  • Stronger people’s solidarity in South Asia crucial
  • Mainstreaming women in the human rights movement
  • ‘Knowing how to defend myself so that I can defend you’

From the Members: When the earth moved—p. 27

Programme Highlights

  • Cambodia: Corruption and abuse abound
  • Khmer Rouge Trials yet to start
  • Singapore:  Signs of long-term political evolution
    North Korea: Conference highlights need for fresh approach
  • Thailand: Communities come together to forge solidarity
  • Burma: ASEAN Parliamentarians push for change 
  • Regional Advocacy: SAPA moves toward stronger partnership
  • Proposals for the ASEAN Economic Community
  • When will it be ready to take off?
  • South East Asia OHCHR office sets priorities
  • Ethnic Minorities: Asserting dignity and equality for indigenous peoples
  • ESC Rights and Development: Abuses by Asian businesses is a key but overlooked
  • Stateless populations: the ultimate forgotten people
  • Information and Communications: Workshop promotes use of new media for human rights advocacy
  • Democracy and the Rule of Law: ICNRD commitments remain largely unaccomplished
  • Confronting challenges to democracy in the 21st century
  • Member Profiles
  • Organisational Updates and Activities

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