Asian Human Rights Defender (Vol. 4 No. 2, December 2008)
16 December 2008 12:00 pm

ahrd4-2.jpg Religious Freedom in Asia

List of Articles

Main Theme

  • Eliminating all forms of religious intolerance

Country Highlights

  • Religious freedom in parts of South Asia
  • Challenges of a religious minority
  • Blesphemy Law to Quell Dissident Voices
  • Tibetan festival banned, Troops deployed
  • Buddhist ire at Korean President grows as police search head monk
  • Can religious freedom exist in a multi-racial country?
  • The forgotten Ahmadiyah women


  • Silencing Human Rights Defenders in Southeast Asia
  • Civil society organisations agree on 25 points
  • Submissions to the High Level Panel on the Establishment of the ASEAN Human Rights Body
  • Freedom of expression in Asia
  • Aff ects of hazardous mining in Mongolia
  • Freedom of expression in South Korea
  • Racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance
  • How Eff ective Are the NHRIs in Asia?
  • Fact Finding Mission in South Korea

Thematic Highlight

  • UN instrument promotes women as agents of peace

Special feature

  • 888 ‘We won’t forget, we won’t give up’