Asian Human Rights Defender (Vol. 5 No. 2, September 2009)
15 October 2009 12:00 pm

ahrd_5-2.jpgWe Want an ASEAN Human Rights Commission with Teeth

Accountable, Independent, Effective

List of Articles

Main theme
•  Making human rights body accountable through regional solidarity
•  Can  AICHR  promote  and  protect  human  rights?
•  Political Declaration must set clear guidelines
•  ASEAN urged to set up human rights court
•  ASEAN framework instrument for migrant workers must be legally binding      
•  ASEAN must promote Indigenous peoples rights according to UNDRIP
•  Burma:  A  benchmark  for  ASEAN’s  success  or  failure

Regional highlight

•  Windows of opportunities to advance ESCR in Asia
•  Political economy of climate change
•  Holding business corporations and transnational companies accountable to ESCR violations
•  FTA is not just about trade, but human rights
•  Say no to International Financial Institutions

Country Highlight
•  Justice for Munir, justice for all!
•  People’s courage against martial law
•  Controversial  video: Independent, international investigation urgently needed
•  Solidarity key to resolve human rights abuses in Yongsan

•  Asian NGOs engage with NHRIs at various levels
•  Window dressing weakens ASEAN
•  Special  Procedures  need  more  respect  from  Member States
•  Support competitive elections!
•  Get involved and support the OP!

Special feature
•  Break the silence over LGBT issues with regional solidarity

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