Odhikar reports 184 extrajudicial killings in Bangladesh during Emergency
6 March 2008 9:41 pm

The latest monitoring report released by Odhikar, a FORUM-ASIA member in Bangladesh, highlights incidences of torture during the emergency in Bangladesh by members of security forces. Released on 12 February 2008, the report covers the 13-month period of the emergency.
(Bangkok) Odhikar, FORUM-ASIA’s member organisation in Bangladesh, released their latest report on the state of human rights during the 13 month period of emergency, which was declared in Bangladesh in January 2007. According to the report, 184 people were reportedly killed extrajudicially by Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies between 12 January 2007 and 11 February 2008. Among them, 69 have died while in custody.

Their latest report issued on 12 February, “13 months of emergency in Bangladesh”, highlights the allegations of torture made by Tarique Rahman, joint Secretary-General of Bangladesh National Party, and a Dhaka University professor who was detained following campus protests in August 2007. Odhikar have periodically distributed their reports of torture, extra judicial killings and custodial deaths taking place within a culture of impunity in their country.

According to the report, 131 of them were killed in crossfire, while 29 were tortured to death. They have also alleged that the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) had been responsible for 91 deaths. The police, who are supposed to uphold peace and security, are only second to the former come second place as the report holds them responsible for killings of 64 persons.

As a State Party to the UN Convention Against Torture, Odhikar points out in their report that victims of torture should be able to enforce their right to fair and adequate compensation as well as rehabilitation. The Convention also provides for the victims’ dependents to be entitled to compensation in the case of their death.

Please visit Odhikar’s website to read the whole statement .