Our Programmes

South & East Asia Country Programme

FORUM-ASIA’s South and East Asia Programme supports the work of FORUM-ASIA member organisations at the national level. The two sub-regional programmes enhance the synergy of inter-programme cooperation and coordination within the Secretariat for effective advocacy, campaigning, and networking.

FORUM-ASIA’s advocacy work on National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) is conducted by the NHRIs Advocacy Programme. The programme’s main objective is to ensure that NHRIs are able to function in an enabling environment that is conducive for the actualisation of their mandate, and to advocate for the establishment of NHRIs in countries where such institutions do not exist yet that are in full compliance with the Paris Principles.

  • sasia[at]forum-asia[dot]org
  • easia[at]forum-asia[dot]org

Human Rights Defenders Programme

FORUM-ASIA’s Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) Programme seeks to facilitate the creation of an enabling work environment for HRDs, including woman human rights defenders (WHRDs), by reducing both actual and perceived threats stemming from the work and activities of HRDs and WHRDs.

  • hrd[at]forum-asia[dot]org
  • protection[at]forum-asia[dot]org (for emergency assistance)

United Nations Advocacy Programme

The United Nations (UN) Advocacy Programme strives to bring an Asian perspective to global human rights discourses through continued engagement with UN human rights mechanisms. FORUM-ASIA connects Asian human rights defenders and civil society to official and geopolitical discourses at the UN. FORUM-ASIA provides a unique platform for Asian human rights defenders to advocate for their issues with ownership at various international forums.

  • una[at]forum-asia[dot]org

ASEAN Advocacy Programme

The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Advocacy Programme aims to enhance the independence and effectiveness of the ASEAN Human Rights mechanisms by strengthening participation of civil society in ASEAN. It does so through various activities such as: workshops; trainings; national and regional consultation between civil society organisations (CSOs) and representatives of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) and the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and the Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC); and other forms of information sharing.

  • asean[at]forum-asia[dot]org

Communication and Media Programme

The Communication and Media (CM) Programme works on internal and external communication to maximise the organisational outreach to its members, partners and outside audiences, through traditional and social media strategies, publications and other communication tools. The primary role of the programme is to create a larger constituency for human rights issues in Asia.

  • communication[at]forum-asia[dot]org

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Programme

The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Programme plays an important and key role in supporting the other programmes and the organisation at large, to develop and further strengthen its internal planning, monitoring and evaluation systems, as well as to lead donor reporting and documentation processes.

  • pme[at]forum-asia[dot]org

Administration Department

The overall objective of the Administration Department is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative management services of FORUM-ASIA. The department aims to improve office maintenance, administrative support and services for members as well as management and programme staff. It does so by providing: administrative support and services; staff members support and human resources; office maintenance; and IT support.

  • admin[at]forum-asia[dot]org

Finance Programme

The Finance Programme oversees the financial resources of FORUM-ASIA and is in charge of the planning, organising, auditing and accounting of FORUM-ASIA’s finances.

  • finance[at]forum-asia[dot]org